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#RightsMedia story: A loving hand for disadvantaged Tanzanian kids

ARUSHA, Tanzania — “I thought Africa was a country,” says a 16-year-old girl as she slathers a wall with cement. “Are you serious?” another girl asks. “Did you think Tanzania was a city, or something?” Obviously the teen never gave

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#RightsMedia report: #Childcare and #education for #Arusha #orphans

Happiness Wambura founded LOHADA – Loving Hand for the Disadvantaged and Aged – in 1998. She took in children from the streets of Arusha and began running an orphanage and, a few years later, a primary school in the city’s

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#Indonesia: Snapshots of Bali. I always wondered how every restaurant and cafe in Bali has a crop of young coconuts ready to drink. This truck drives around making coconut deliveries. "The main wealth of human being [sic] is healthy." Agreed. Especially when you drink one coconut a day like this healthy brother.
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